About Us

India Radiators Limited was incorporated on 31.05.1955. The Company made profits upto 1997, thereafter from 1998, it incurred losses. The net worth of the Company became negative as on September 1999. It was declared Sick by BIFR as per section 3(1) (o) of the Sick Companies (Special Provisions) Act, 1985 on 06.07.2000. BIFR had appointed IDBI as Operating Agency (OA) to determine the viability of the Company and recommend measures for revival. BIFR issued orders for winding up of the Company in 2003 based on the recommendations of IDBI, however the orders were set aside by AAIFR in 2005 and directed the continue proceedings before BIFR with Revised Revival scheme.

The Company identified an investor who has agreed to infuse funds in the Company for its revival and rehabilitation. The Company has filed a revised Draft Rehabilitation Scheme (DRS) on 7th July 2015 which is pending approval of BIFR.


The Company operates from two areas: Chennai and Pondicherry. There are no operations taking place at Chennai. The Pondicherry unit is currently confined to job works. The operational expenses are being funded by the new investor.